A Glimpse of Belton’s Economy Growth

The Killeen/Temple MSA is one of the fastest growing areas in Texas.

The Killeen/Temple area of central Texas, located in Bell County, Texas, has been designated tops in the State’s larges 23 markets in gross retail sales growth, according to the Texas Association of Broadcasters.  In figures released by the State Comptrollers office, Killeen/Temple showed the greatest gain (%16.4) for the 12-month period ending July, 1994.

Killeen/Temple has also been the leader for the greatest rate of growth in population in the past year, according to the Sales and Marketing Management Survey of Buying Power, 1995.  Growing by 36,800 people, Killeen/Temple has enlarged its population by 14.2% in the past 12 month, anchoring the Killeen/Temple market firmly in the number 11 spot of the largest Texas Metro Markets – only 8,000 people behind the number 10 spot in the State of Texas.